Lighthouse Residential Treatment Center

in association with Milestone Counseling Services

"Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance, you must keep moving".

-Albert Einstein


The Lighthouse Residential Treatment Center is an extension of a larger organization called Milestone Counseling Services, LLC (MCS). MCS provides a wide variety of services including residential treatment, foster care services, and outpatient mental health to a number of agencies and populations. MCS works with youth and adults with disabilities from;


  • Utah Division of Child and Family Services

  • Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities

  • Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services

  • LDS Family Services

  • Private Pay Clients


We specialize in Family Therapy, PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, general delinquency, and mild to moderate psychiatric concerns. We serve both male and female clients as well as youth and adults.


If you need services or would like to help us provide these services, please call us at 801-782-6600 or visit our website at

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