Mission Statement


To help those in our care to overcome personal obstacles, conquer fears, develop healthy relationships, and work towards goals that will result in productivity and satisfaction throughout their lives. To improve the standard of living with the objective of reuniting families through a comprehensive field of education, social services, mental health, corrections, and housing.

   In association with Milestone Counseling Services, Lighthouse Residential Treatment Center has helped children and young adults find peace and security in their lives for over 15 years. It is Lighthouse's goal to give the young adults in our care a strong start to their lives as independent adults. 




Owner/Lead Therapist;  Brian Campbell


Some of my most cherished childhood memories include things like walking around a high mountain meadow, hunting for cutbanks that might hide rainbow trout. To a ten-year-old, this provided both a sense of peace and serenity as well as a sense of adventure. The interesting thing is today, as an old man, the same adventures and peaceful places draw me back and shut out all the stress and noise from everyday life. 

For over 27 years, I have loved dealing with troubled teens and teaching them about these adventures that can challenge them, and bring about a sense of achievement and at the same time help them clear their minds and recharge. I strive to help each child develop a passion for finding healthy outlets that promote balance in their lives. Finding a reason to smile while dealing with lives challenges can make all the difference in someones' outlook and belief in the future, and I want to help these young men find something they can be passionate about, that will give them something to hope for and look forward to when life gets tough, that is not related to drugs and alcohol. 

I believe that one of the most important things we can accomplish in life is to find satisfaction with one's own life. For these reasons, I believe that healthy recreation is a necessity and not just a luxury. Albert Einstein was correct when talking about balance and moving forward, and we approach this as a unified group, all moving forward to a better life together. 


Because of these principles, all of the staff at Lighthouse RTC participate and have a passion for the outdoors and endurance activities.