Academics Approach




“Knowledge is Power”

 - Sir Francis Bacon


We recognize the importance of education in your son's future, therefore, we provide a comprehensive educational program - this begins with graduating high school. The importance of a high school diploma as a starting point in your son's education and career cannot be overstated.


To help your son make this important life change, first, we will assist him with completing his high school diploma with Dorius Academy and assist him with ACT\SAT prep classes. Next, we will enroll him in either technical training through Ogden/Weber Applied Technology Center or two university-level programs at Weber State University or Utah State University. As was mentioned earlier, all educational credits earned by your son will be transferable to your local high school or university. We know that your son's education is vital to his future and, therefore, we will make this a top priority in our program.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates the importance of education to your son's future with the following information regarding earning capacity and unemployment rates as compared to his level of education.  The following graph summarizes this data:




With the idea that the average career spans approximately 47 years, starting at the age of 18 and ending at 65, this data takes on even more significance when these different levels of education and unemployment are compared to each other. For example, the current data suggests that someone with a high school diploma will make an additional $459,472 at the end of this 47 year period when compared to someone with less than a high school diploma. This difference in earning capacity becomes even more exaggerated when those with less than a high school diploma are compared to those with a bachelors degree for a total of $1,593,488 in additional income.


In summary, here at LRTC, we believe that education does more then teach specific skills. We believe it also teaches perseverance and a sense of success while giving them confidence in their ability for future successes. In short, this is our goal for your son as well.

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