• cleaning supplies:

dish soap, window cleaning, cleaning rags, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, etc...

  • mops/brooms

  • coaches and chairs

  • home decor

  • socks, shoes

  • coats, scarves, gloves, hats

  • hangers

Any donations are greatly accepted! We accept new and gently used home necessities and clothing:

  •  dishes

  • eating utensils

  • tables

  • pots and pans

  • garbage sacks

  • bed frames

  • mattresses

  • blankets/bedding


Knowing where to turn.

Many young adults struggle to adjust appropriately to their environment. It can be difficult for parents and family members to know where to turn for help. At the Lighthouse Therapeutic Boarding School we work to help students and their families learn to understand each other and to develop healthy relationships through behavioral change.

Offering a therapeutic approach to the boarding school experience, students are given the opportunity to build a foundation and develop relationshships and habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.



A better tomorrow starts today, take the first steps towards your childs path to success and happiness.


Step #1 Does your child meet any of the following characteristics?  

Lighthouse serves students who are/have:

  • Male

  • Between the ages of 14 - 18 years.

  • Non-violent/non-sexually reactive.

  • In need of credit recovery.

  • Need assistance with college preparation (university or technical school - both available locally).

  • Require Transition to Adult Living (TAL) services.

  • Mild to moderate behavioral/cognitive difficulties.

  • Possibily in need of pharmological interventions.


Step #2 Contact our admissions advisor:

You will be guided through the admissions process where you will have the chance to ask questions and learn about the Lightouse program.


Step #3 Fill out an admissions application:    

The link for the application is provided below, it can be filled out completely online for your convinience.

      New Client Application


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January 06, 2016

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Education / Career Planning

January 01, 2016

Education is the key to a successful future - from learning how to live a healthier lifestyle and developing strong ethical values, to building a stability, balanced, independent future. Lighthouse Therapeutic Boarding School utilizes a variety of educational opporutnities including:


Dorius Academy

Weber State University

Utah State University

University of Utah

Applied Technology Center

Emotional Growth

January 01, 2016

Therapeutic treatment to address:

  • Cognitive Restructuring - assistance in addressing anger management, developing pro-social behaviors and healthy social and peer networks, through individual, group and family therapy.  

  • Psychosocial rehapbilitation to help them develop effective life manangment skills.

  • Healthy living environment

  • Budgets and money management

  • And more...

Recreation / Leisure

January 01, 2016

Pleasant View, Utah is in a prime location near a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Local appeals include:

  • Ski Resorts:

    • Powder Mountain

    • Snow Basin

    • Wolf Mountain

    • Park City

    • Canyon

    • And more!

  • Boating/Fising areas:

    • Willard Bay

    • Pineview Resevior

    • Causey Dam

    • Weber River

    • Bear Lake

  • Hiking/Rock Climbing

    • Malan's Peak

    • Ben Lomond

    • Beus Canyon

    • Ogden Canyon

  •  Cycling / Mountain Biking

    • Antelope Island

    • Ogden Parkway

    • Farming Station Parkway

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