Individual Therapy begins by discovering your son's individual story. This will help us find out how he understands the world around him, what his memories are, as well as what his fears are. Finding the truth behind the behaviors is the starting point to creating a new story for your son. This will help us identify and change the distortions created by your son's fears, that have brought you to this point. 


Our main treatment model for Individual Therapy is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) that treats the problematic patterns created by the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In essence, the treatment model follows the idea of "fruit of the poison tree." In other words, inaccurate thoughts lead to problematic emotions which creates destructive behaviors. 



































An example of the Cognitive Distortions are:


  • Denial - If it ain't broke, don't fix it - "There is nothing wrong with me."

  • Entitlement- "I'm 16 now, you owe me a car!"

  • Shifting blame- "It's your fault that I did this" - "If you would have just given me what I wanted..."

  • Victim stance- "Everyone is out to get me" - "they all want me to fail".

  • Minimizing- " It wasn't that big of a deal" - "it didn't hurt you that bad."


The CBT model is intended to interrupt vicious cycles such as self-fulfilling prophecies and other problematic patterns.

The goal of CBT is to develop accurate thoughts, effective emotions and therefore, productive behaviors. In a similar fashion, but opposite direction, these new patterns become self-reinforcing over time. Once effective patterns have been developed, repetition is the key.

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