Family Therapy begins as a process of discovery to understand your son's impact on your family and identify what patterns need to change in order for everyone in the home to be successful. Weekly Family Therapy is conducted via secure video conferencing and phone calls with your son that will help keep you connected with him while this work is being done. We also encourage your family to visit him at our facility and we hope that you can participate in our Multi-Family Group Therapy, as well as our recreational activities, whenever possible.



 "A family doesn't need to be perfect,

it just needs to be united."



Our main treatment model for Family Therapy (your family) is Salvador Minuchin's Structural Family Therapy (SFT). In this model, the main goal is to create healthy hierarchies and patterns within the family by adjusting boundaries between family members and improving communication. The goal is to help the family be able to make necessary changes on their own in the future. In layman's terms, this is to put the parents back in charge and to help your son take a role in your family appropriate for his age.






























SFT is supported in theory and practice by other research such as The Olsen Circumplex Model that has been validated over 1200 times by other studies over the last 30 years. The Circumplex Model suggests that balanced levels of cohesion and flexibility are most conducive to healthy family functioning. Conversely, unbalanced levels of cohesion and flexibility (very low or very high levels) are associated with problematic family functioning. (Olsen, 2001 p .65).




"We may not have it all together,

but together we have it all."



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