Dear Parents:


      As the founder and owner of the Lighthouse Residential Treatment Center (LRTC), I am writing this letter with the intention of reducing some of the fear or anxiety that you may be feeling as you make the important decision of finding an out-of-home treatment option for your son. Whether your son is escalating in his self-destructive behaviors at home or currently in a wilderness program working to get his downward spiral in check, the all-important and overwhelming decision of choosing the next treatment option is at hand. As you struggle with this decision, I would like to assure you that all of us at LRTC have your son’s, as well as your family's, best interests at heart and, are committed to working with you to bring your family back together. That being said, your son and your family's commitment to the program is paramount to his success. The goal of treatment is to help your son gain this commitment to themselves and this process. We have been working with youth struggling with various behavioral issues since 2001, and there is no greater reward than to see youth and his family reunited after they have done the hard work necessary to get there. We have worked with numerous youth over the years who have returned after leaving our program to ask for advice, give an accounting of their successes, or share their gratitude for the influence that we provided during their darkest moments. It is truly heartwarming to see the look in their eyes as they have gained confidence in themselves and found purpose in life. This is our mission - to bring joy and happiness to this life journey.



At LRTC, we operate with the understanding that life requires certain behaviors and choices for us to survive and thrive. While survival is most important, learning to thrive requires a balance between a number of factors, including work, education, relationships, and recreation. Your son will focus on re-establishing balance in all four of these areas to ensure not only survival but to increase life satisfaction and emotional health. As with most anything in life, having the proper “fit” is sometimes the difference between success and failure. At LRTC, we specialize in helping young men struggling with PTSD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD and ADD, reactive attachment disorder, specific learning disabilities, mood disorders, and substance abuse struggles as a secondary diagnosis. We believe that experiential learning is paramount. Therefore, your son will be spending a great deal of his time in the community participating in recreational activities, community service projects, social skills development activities, and employment opportunities. Because of this community integration philosophy, it is important that each young man in our program presents a minimal safety risk to himself and those around him.



Human connectedness may be a very close second to the need for air, food, and water in terms of importance. Deep and trusting relationships are rarely forged in superficial situations free of strife. Real relationships are developed through true understanding and working through problems together. When your son realizes that we know the extent of his struggles and still accept him as a member of our “family,” he will then begin to understand the depth of our commitment to him and his future. Rather than seeing your son’s struggles as a character flaw or a black mark on his life, these difficulties, in fact, offer the greatest opportunity to deepen relationships and develop compassion and charity. By helping your son develop an understanding that he is not alone in his struggles, we can help him develop relationships of trust and confidence in his own ability to change for the good. Working closely with your team members (son, therapist, and staff) in developing deep and trusting relationships will help him heal and grow his relationship with you. As a team, we all win, or we all lose.



We sincerely hope that this letter and our website convey to you a heartfelt understanding that we are committed to your son and helping him to achieve his full potential. We understand that you won’t come to a decision lightly but hope that we have conveyed to you that we intend to nurture growth and empowerment in your son with empathy, perseverance, and commitment.



Brian K. Campbell, LMFT 

Primary Therapist

Executive Director