Group Therapy. You have most likely experienced the powerful effects peer pressure has on your son. In Group Therapy, we harness that same peer pressure to positively influence your son's outlook on the issues he is struggling with. For these types of issues, research suggests that Group Therapy is the treatment of choice. This same research suggests that participating in group therapy may expedite the treatment and recovery process due to the mental health benefits of:














When your son discovers that all of his peers in the group are struggling with similar issues, this helps him normalize, find common ground and receive feedback from other "experts" (other peers) who are experiencing success and progress in the program. Your son will feel an immediate improvement by a reduction of depression and anxiety. 



















For these same reasons, Multi-family Groups are held quarterly for you and other families, to help normalize your experience and understand that you are not alone. Most participants in Multi-family Group Therapy find that insight and feedback from other families struggling with similar issues is both useful and healing.


"The best part about being with a group is that

you don't have to do everything alone." - Anonymous


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