Recreational Approach



“The bow cannot always stand bent,

nor can human frailty subsist

 without some lawful recreation.”

- Miguel de Cervantes




At the Lighthouse Residential Treatment Center, we believe that a healthy lifestyle requires a balance between work and play. The benefits of quality recreational activities extend far beyond the obvious physical gains associated with the activity. In addition to teaching your son how to recreate legally, high-intensity sports/activities, helps your son get out of his comfort zone, helps him gain confidence in his ability to concur fears, and make important brain chemistry changes that significantly improve his emotional health. Our hope is that, when your son returns home, some of these recreational activities will be continued and enjoyed by all members of your family in order to deepen the relationships you will have together.


Some of the activities that your son will be participating in include:


  • skiing/snowboarding 

  • snowmobiling 

  • boating 

  • wakeboarding/ kneeboarding/water skiing

  • mountain biking

  • rock climbing

  • camping

  • fly fishing

  • kayaking

  • river running

  • snowshoeing 

  • river tubing

  • cardio/weight training



Our goal for your son is not competition but rather participation and enjoyment. Please be assured that all activities include appropriate safety gear, proper training, and direct supervision at all times. 

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