Individual​ - focus on individual goals and behaviors.

Family - focus on reunification and future success while building stronger trust and bonds.

Group - focus on creating healthy communication skills, socialization skills, and accountability.

Therapeutic Approachs

Individual Therapy begins by discovering your son's individual story. This will help us find out how he understands the world around him, what his memories are, as well as what his fears are. Finding the truth behind the behaviors is the starting point to creating a new story for your son. This will help us identify and change the distortions created by your son's fears, that have brought you to this point. 


Our main treatment model for Individual Therapy is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) that treats the problematic patterns created by the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In essence, the treatment model follows the idea of "fruit of the poison tree." In other words, inaccurate thoughts lead to problematic emotions which creates destructive behaviors. 



 "A family doesn't need to be perfect,

it just needs to be united."

~ Unknown

Family Therapy begins as a process of discovery to understand your son's impact on your family and identify what patterns need to change in order for everyone in the home to be successful. Weekly Family Therapy is conducted via secure video conferencing and phone calls with your son that will help keep you connected with him while this work is being done. We also encourage your family to visit him at our facility. We hope that you can participate in our Multi-Family Group Therapy and our recreational activities whenever possible.




Our main treatment model for Family Therapy (your family) is Salvador Minuchin's Structural Family Therapy (SFT). In this model, the main goal is to create healthy hierarchies and patterns within the family by adjusting boundaries between family members and improving communication. The goal is to help the family be able to make necessary changes on their own in the future. In layman's terms, this is to put the parents back in charge and to help your son take a role in your family, that is appropriate for his age.

SFT is supported in theory and practice by other research such as The Olsen Circumplex Model that has been validated over 1200 times by other studies over the last 30 years. The Circumplex Model suggests that balanced levels of cohesion and flexibility are most conducive to healthy family functioning. Conversely, unbalanced levels of cohesion and flexibility (very low or very high levels) are associated with problematic family functioning. (Olsen, 2001 p .65).


"We may not have it all together,

but together we have it all."

~ Unknown

Group Therapy. You have most likely experienced the powerful effects peer pressure has on your son. In Group Therapy, we harness that same peer pressure to positively influence your son's outlook on the issues he is struggling with. For these types of issues, research suggests that Group Therapy is the treatment of choice. This same research suggests that participating in group therapy may expedite the treatment and recovery process due to the mental health benefits of confiding in peers who have experienced similar challenges. This lays a solid foundation for building trust and forming healthy relationships by further developing their empathy. 


When your son discovers that all of his peers in the group are struggling with similar issues, this helps him normalize, find common ground and receive feedback from other "experts" (other peers) who are experiencing success and progress in the program. Your son will feel an immediate improvement by a reduction of depression and anxiety. 


For these same reasons, Multi-family Groups are held quarterly for you and other families, to help normalize your experience and understand that you are not alone. Most participants in Multi-family Group Therapy find that insight and feedback from other families struggling with similar issues is both useful and healing.


"The best part about being with a group is that

you don't have to do everything alone."

~ Anonymous


Education is the key to a successful future - from learning how to live a healthier lifestyle and developing strong ethical values, to building a stable, balanced, and independent future. 

We recognize the importance of education in your son's future, therefore, we provide a comprehensive educational program - this begins with graduating high school. The importance of a high school diploma as a starting point in your son's education and career cannot be overstated.


Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates the importance of education to your son's future with the following information regarding earning capacity and unemployment rates as compared to his level of education.  The graph below summarizes this data.


With the idea that the average career spans approximately 47 years, starting at the age of 18 and ending at 65, this data takes on even more significance when these different levels of education and unemployment are compared to each other. For example, the current data suggest that someone with a high school diploma will make an additional $459,472 at the end of this 47 year period when compared to someone with less than a high school diploma.  This difference in earning capacity becomes even more exaggerated when those with less than a high school diploma are compared to those with a bachelor's degree for a total of $1,593,488 in additional income.


To help your son make this important life change, first, we will assist him with completing his high school diploma in partnership with Dorius Academy and help him with ACT\SAT prep classes. Next, we will enroll him in either technical training through Ogden/Weber Applied Technology Center or two university-level programs at Weber State University or Utah State University. As was mentioned earlier, all educational credits earned by your son will be transferable to your local high school or university. We know that your son's education is vital to his future and, therefore, we will make this a top priority in our program.


"The wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul."

~ Nicholas Kristof


Utah offers one of the most diverse landscapes in the world. From skiing to wakeboarding, cycling to fishing, there is a recreational activity for every personality. 

At Lighthouse Residential Treatment Center, we believe that a healthy lifestyle requires a balance between work and play. The benefits of quality recreational activities extend far beyond the obvious physical gains associated with the activity. In addition to teaching your son how to recreate constructively, we are going to encourage your son to get out of his comfort zone, helps him gain confidence in himself, and make important brain chemistry changes that significantly improve his emotional health. Our hope is that, when your son returns home, some of these recreational activities will be continued and enjoyed by all members of your family in order to deepen the relationships you will have together and provide a healthy emotional outlet. 


Our goal for your son is not to compete but rather to learn to cooperate, participate, and enjoy themselves. Please be assured that all activities include appropriate safety gear, proper training, and direct supervision at all times.




Some of the activities that your son will be participating in include:


  • skiing/snowboarding 

  • snowmobiling 

  • boating 

  • wakeboarding/ kneeboarding/water skiing

  • mountain biking

  • rock climbing

  • camping

  • fly fishing

  • kayaking

  • river running

  • snowshoeing 

  • river tubing

  • cardio/weight training